Los Angeles nutritionist, weight loss & healthy diet from professional dietitian.

Our Los Angeles nutritionists are licensed dietitians who can assess your bodies needs and map out a plan to change your life for the better.

Uplift Nutritionist in Los Angles has registered dietitians with advanced degrees in nutrition and dietetics, and are highly trained in nutrition and wellness. We provide evidence-based nutrition counseling with a holistic edge tailored to your individual needs. We serve corporations, groups, and are available for supermarket tours, pantry clean-outs, public seminars, and media opportunities and promotions. We know nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Whatever your age or stage of life, we can create a personalized nutrition plan that suits your needs. We work with you collaboratively so you can achieve your ideal wellness goals. At Uplift Nutritionist, support is offered through email, Skype, FaceTime, telephone and in-office consultations. Convenience is now a reason, not an excuse! We understand that you may feel overwhelmed with so much more…


  • Bridal Nutrition

    Bridal Nutrition

  • Children

    Children & Nutrition

  • Weight Loss Nutrition

    Weight Loss Nutrition

  • Pregnancy Nutrition

    Pregnancy Nutrition

  • Diabetes Management Nutrition

    Diabetes Management Nutrition

  • Preconception Nutrition

    Preconception Nutrition

  • Nutrition During Menopause

    Nutrition During Menopause

Weight Loss

Shed weight without compromising your energy or your ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods. Fro brides to be or general public.


Find ultimate nutrition for pre-conception, pregnancy or post pregnancy. You and your baby deserve the best health and potential. 

Children & Adolescents

Getting our kids to eat well and grow into healthy people can be very challenging.  Get support and help your kids enjoy good food.

Impact Disease and Menopause

Making informed decisions around nutrition can make a world of difference in inflammatory conditions, diabetes, menopause and many more.

General Nutrition

Stressful and busy lives often leave us feeling depleted.  Men and women can impact their lives through nutrition, from fitness enthusiast to people just wanting to make a change.

Introducing Your Nutritionist

Nutritionist to be announced soon.

We are currently hiring the best nutritionist in your city.

Initial Consultation Free

Discuss goals 15 min

15 minute session to discuss nutrition goals.

Nutrition Consultation $170

Per Person

1 hr - First session

Session includes nutrition assessment, discussion of goals, treatment and/or physical activity plan, and general wellness and nutrition.

*Online or In person

Add On Services

Testing & Follow up

Comprehensive Nutritional Test -----

$250 (with Insurance)

$450 (without insurance).

Follow up Sessions -------

30 minute session $70

1 hour session $140

* Online or In person

We service all of the Los Angeles area

Office Location:|

UpLift Nutritionist
4011 Garden Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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