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Group Cooking Class

Want all of the beneficial hands-on experience from a one-on-one cooking class but double or quadruple the fun? Invite your friends over to your place and we will all cook together!

During a group cooking class, I will cover a variety of nutrition topics and you and your guests will learn new skills and habits you’ll use in your daily life. When we cook together, I can help you and your guests uncover more ways to implement better nutrition while preparing meals in your home with the tools and equipment you already have. Invite your girlfriends for a fun night in or finally get your family involved in the kitchen!

Unlike nutrition counseling, cooking lessons are an opportunity for us to focus specifically on meal planning, recipe reading, and preparation techniques as a group.

Cooking lessons with your closest friends or family are a fun and interactive way to begin absorbing the nutrition info you’ve learned and get comfortable with new ideas, ingredients, and techniques- and share them with those you love! Being side-by-side in the kitchen provides a relaxed setting that can help bring questions top of mind about the logistics of preparing food that will meet your health and nutrition goals.

Katy Alstat, MScN, the nutritionist and health coach

Better nutrition, optimal health, and a life of abundance await!

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