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Group Health Coaching

For some clients, embarking on their journey to better health is just more enjoyable with friends. Group Health Coaching offers small-group synergy that’s excellent for building and keeping momentum while creating new habits. You can also participate in Group Health Coaching as a complement to individual nutritional counseling sessions.

More About Group Health Coaching: 

  • Group Health Coaching lasts for 4-weeks and includes a 1-hour long session each week.
  • Groups are limited to 3-5 people. Keeping the groups smaller allows me to provide individual attention and coaching at each weekly session.
  • Each of the weekly sessions is designed to address a different facet of the group’s core focus or goal.
  • You’ll learn how to meet nutrition goals healthfully and maintain your progress.
  • Your group will get tailored health and nutrition advice as we move through each of the four sessions.
  • Weekly sessions include new information but are centered on interactive and motivational coaching.
  • Every week we’ll talk about individual wins and challenges as well as ways to improve.
  • Questions are welcome and encouraged.

Popular Group Health Coaching Goals: 

  • Nutrition for Optimal Health
  • Supporting Healthy Body Image & Weight
  • Treating Diabetes through Nutrition
  • Support for Recent Medical Diagnoses
  • Nutrition for Seniors

Better nutrition, optimal health, and a life of abundance await!

I offer complimentary 15-minute phone consultations.