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One-on-One Shopping Trip

One of the greatest challenges clients face when beginning their nutrition journey is overcoming habits they’ve had for years or even decades. One-on-one shopping trips are an opportunity to have fresh eyes on your existing patterns and expert advice on how to modify how you shop to meet your health goals.

You may not think much about what you like to eat, how you prepare food, or how you grocery shop, but each reflects your life patterns. 

Breaking patterns that aren’t supporting your best health is easier to do when you learn how to identify what needs to change. I have an arsenal of tools and advice that I can share to help you break unhealthy shopping habits and achieve your nutrition goals. By shopping where you like to shop, and maybe a few new places, I can tailor the information and advice I provide to reflect your preferences.

Some local grocers that are excellent for one-on-one shopping trips: 

  • Zupan’s Market
  • New Seasons Market
  • Whole Foods
  • Fred Meyer
  • Trader Joes
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
Katy Alstat, MScN, the nutritionist and health coach

Better nutrition, optimal health, and a life of abundance await!

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